Friday, 23 April 2021

Councillors help clampdown on anti-social behaviour - corner of Gleneagle Road/Ambleside Avenue

Residents asked local councillors to intervene after a hit and run incident took place on 16th October 2020. Watchful local residents had been reporting a series of near-miss incidents involving pedestrians crossing at this busy corner, which often has private hire car vehicles illegally parked on the double red lines.

We continued to report incidents of illegal parking to TfL (who are responsible for enforcing red routes across London's main road network); Lambeth Public Protection and Enforcement Teams and the local police. We were assured that Penalty Chare Notices (PCNs) were being issued to drivers who continued to ignore the double red lines.

We requested a permanent CCTV camera on the corner which could automatically issue fines hoping that drivers would soon get put off flouting the rules. However, we were told that such a camera at this location would cost £250,000 and that due to the impact Covid had on TfL's budget, that was unaffordable at this time.

We then raised a member enquiry of the Lambeth Public Protection Team to ask what they could do, not only to tackle the issues of illegal parking, but for all of the other anti-social behaviour that local residents had been subjected to for years. We asked for a permanent solution to these ongoing issues.

Here is the reply we received from the Service Improvement Team at Lambeth council:

Illegal parking  

Following your enquiry our Parking Team visited the area and have confirmed they are currently deploying officers to the location daily as requested including the night shift.

They have provided a record of PCNs issued in the area since February 2021(22 PCNs in February and 7 in March.) 

The Signs and lines at the location have been checked they were found to be at an acceptable standard and are enforceable.

It has been advised CCTV enforcement will not be necessary at the junction of Gleneagle Road and Ambleside Road as there are red route lines at the entrance joining to the double yellow lines (DYL) which are enforceable.

Anti-social behaviour/Non-compliance with Covid-Guidelines

The Public Protection Team (PPT) are continuing to tackle the issue by carrying out the following measures

PPT will schedule more visits with covid wardens to ensure covid compliance amongst local businesses.

PPT are currently coordinating regular partnership operations with public protection officers and the police, the first operation is expected to be carried out in May.

PPT advise residents to call 999 immediately to report harassment.

PPT advise residents to call 999 to report large gatherings.

PPT advise residents to complete the Lambeth webform to report  Covid-19 breaches.

Urinating in public spaces

The Highway Enforcement Team have confirmed they will be adding the area to our Hotspot List where frequent visits will be conducted with the view of deterring the street urination as well as to take the relevant enforcement action if anyone is caught urinating on the public highway by issuing fixed penalty notices. 


Our Waste Management Team have confirmed Gleneagle Road and the surrounding area was placed on their Top Ten Fly Tipping Hotspot list earlier this year, the area has been continually monitored by both the Environment Managers from Veolia and our Environment Enforcement Officers(EEO). Anti-fly tipping signs have been installed as a deterrent. In a recent meeting, it has been noted, the situation in the area has improved. The Team will continue to monitor and take further action against perpetrators where necessary.

Other Measures

We run a playstreetsscheme which allows for a road to be closed for a day or shorter. This is a good opportunity to observe what the impacts of a closure are and demonstrate what the advantages could be of using our streets differently. We encourage interested local people to apply. A street closure and community event can be a good opportunity to discuss potential closures to motor traffic with other residents and see what their views and concerns are.

As your ward councillors, Nicole, Jonathan and I would like to thank the officers and residents for continuing to be vigilant in this area. Together, we can make Streatham safer, fairer, cleaner and greener.

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