Thursday, 17 September 2020

Act now to keep a voice for St Leonard’s ward and Streatham on Lambeth Council

The Local Government Boundaries Commission for England (LGBCE) is reviewing the number of Councillors in Lambeth and how the borough should be divided up into wards. Lambeth council have submitted a plan to the LGBCE which will reduce Streatham’s Councillors from 12 to 11 by shrinking the size of St Leonard’s ward and reducing representation from three Councillors to two. 

You can read the Labour proposal here:

Ward boundaries in Lambeth were last reviewed in 1999 - that’s when our current Streatham wards were established (St Leonard’s, Streatham Hill, Streatham Wells and Streatham South).   

We believe that St. Leonard's ward should maintain its 3 Councillors to ensure we are properly represented.

Is it a coincidence that St Leonard’s happens to be home to three of the six non-Labour Councillors in Lambeth? All are Green Party representatives and have been very successful in fighting St Leonard’s and Streatham’s corner on so many issues to make Streatham a safer, cleaner, greener and fairer place to live, work and thrive. 

When it comes to holding Labour to account, following the money and standing up for their constituents, people can see what a difference such strong opposition is making. We need that to continue, as we know how hard it is to make Streatham’s voice heard in the council and we are often neglected in favour of the north of the borough - a prime example being the Lambeth Transport Strategy (2016-2036) that didn’t mention Streatham at all.

Regardless of your political persuasion, we believe that effective opposition on the council (from anywhere on the political spectrum) is essential to ensure that it functions fairly and democratically and stops complacency...

The Green Party response

Our proposal retains 3 Councillors in St. Leonard's ward

What You Can Do

Ø  To make your views known, please go to:

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Ø  Please follow and Retweet @GreenPartyScott - use the hashtag #savestleonards

Ø  Visit the Streatham Green party Facebook page

Ø Email with your reasons why St. Leonard's ward should remain intact

                        Whatever you do, please be quick!

The deadline for comments on these changes is 

Monday 21st September.


Councillor Scott Ainslie 17th September 2020