Friday, 21 August 2020

Introduce a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in the north of St. Leonard's ward


Councillors are working with residents in the north of St.Leonard's ward to urgently ask for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood to be implemented in our local roads. There has been a dangerous increase in the level of traffic and resulting pollution since the lock down with more and more vehicles using these residential roads as rat runs and short cuts. We need the council to act now to introduce traffic calming measures which prioritise residents, visitors and delivery vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Call on the council to introduce a 'Streatham Woods' * Low Traffic Neighbourhood to stop drivers using our residential roads in the north of St. Leonard's ward as 'short cuts' and 'rat runs'.

* Streatham Woods is the name of the bit of Tooting Common between the railway line and Garrad's Road.

During the recent lock-down as a result of covid-19 we were able to enjoy quiet, virtually car and pollution free streets. But more recently speeding cars and aggressive drivers have returned in greater numbers than ever before.

Our local residential roads (bounded by Garrad's Road, Tooting Bec Gardens, Drewstead Road and Streatham High Road) have been increasingly used by drivers as 'rat runs' and 'short cuts' for years, endangering residents and contributing to our already dangerously high air pollution levels.

Wandsworth Council and TfL are introducing road closures and traffic restrictions to nearby roads in Balham and Tooting that are already having a devastating impact on our neighbourhood as even more drivers are driving through Streatham. Our roads, many narrow and residential, are getting even busier at a time when we are being discouraged from using public transport and to walk, cycle or travel by car instead.

We urgently call upon Lambeth Council to bring forward plans to introduce a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in our 'Streatham Woods' area, before there is a very serious accident.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods provide access only roads that prioritise walking and cycling - creating a peaceful, safe and people-friendly environment. One suggestion, outlined in the map above, is that Prentis Road, Becmead Avenue, Woodbourne Avenue, Woodfield Avenue and Abbotswood Road are all made access-only from Garrad's Road, with camera enforcement at the junctions with Streatham High Road.

That way, nothing would change for local residents but the 90% of through-traffic looking to rat-run their way to the Streatham High Road will be made to stick to the main roads.

More information on LTN's can be found here: 



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