Thursday, 5 January 2017

Engine idling action in Streatham, 18 January

Giant snakes and ladders with a life-saving message
The dangers of sitting in a car with the engine running will be highlighted in Streatham on Wednesday 18th January.

Volunteers will spread the messsage that air pollution kills nearly 10,000 Londoners each year.

Leaving engines running while stationary is an unnecessary source of air pollution. And combating this is particularly important in locations where there are high numbers of idling vehicle engines, such as schools, outside hospitals and by bus stops.

Air pollution causes illnesses ranging from eczema and itchy eyes to cancer and lung disease.In growing children exposure to air pollution stunts lung growth and affects life-long lung capacity.

What is less well known is that people most affected idling vehicles are the driver - or others inside the vehicle - with pollution levels up to 10 times that in the surrounding area.
At the engine idling action day these life-saving messages will be demonstrated with a giant game of snakes and ladders - while volunteers talk to any drivers sitting in cars with the engine running to alert them to the dangers.

It will take place outside Streatham Odeon 12-2pm on Weds 18th January. To take part or find out more visit:

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