Friday, 19 June 2015

Five year wait for next stage of Streatham central reservation replacement

Discussing the second stage of central reservation improvement
It could be a five year wait until the third section of the central reservation is replaced on Streatham High Road, north of Streatham Hill.

The second stage of work, dealing with the section south of Streathan Hill down to the Kwik Fit garage, began in April 2013.  The final trees didn't go in until a few months ago.

A Green Party Freedom of information request to TfL has revealed that the work on the third stage is 'likely' to begin in Summer 2019.  

Based on the time the other two sections took to complete, it is unlikely it would be finished before 2020.  That is also assuming there are no delays.

The FOI response in full:

TfL Ref: FOI-0218-1516

Improvements are planned for many roads in Lambeth, some include kerb realignment. The major project in the 2015-2020 period is a regeneration scheme to improve the urban realm in Streatham Hill between Streatham Hill Station and Telford Avenue. The intention is to continue the improvements recently introduced to Streatham High Road south of the station. The cost of the scheme will be in the region of £3m. This work is likely to begin in the summer 2019 and details will be published on Transport for London website in Autumn 2018.

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