Thursday, 19 June 2014

New signs to tackle flytipping

We are working with council officers and residents to develop a strategy to tackle the ongoing problem of flytipping in Streatham.

As part of that strategy which we believe must include a range of different measures to tackle the different aspects of the problem, the council have produced these signs, designed to go in flytipping hotspots.

If you have a particular area prone to flytipping and dumping where you think a sign should go, please let us know.

You can contact us: streathamgreenparty (at)

For some of the other ways we are working to tackle local flytipping and dumping see:


  1. Is there any evidence that these signs reduce fly-tipping? Are flytippers actually going to read them and take their rubbish home?!

  2. As part of a wider strategy there is significant evidence that they do act as a deterrent, particularly if fly tippers understand there is a chance that the area is being monitored and there is an intention to prosecute. See for example:

  3. I really appreciate that someone is looking at ways to tackle this problem but I just think these signs are ugly and as bad as fly tipping itself when dotted around on residential walls. We have some similar on our street in Streatham Vale, they just look scrappy and have little or no effect as we're still getting a lot of fly tipping regularly. It needs an initiative to get the residents actively on the lookout, take photos and report the fly tippers.

    1. Cheryl - It would be really interesting to get some feedback on what is going on in Streatham Vale and whether things are getting better? I gather that the Vale is being used as a bit of a pilot by the council to see how their strategies to deal with rubbish/flytipping work?

    2. I spent over two years reporting multiple offences happening on the pavement outside my home(by the same person) to Lambeth Council who informed me that nothing could be done with evidence that would stand up in Court. Lambeth Council(at Executive level) declined to even attempt to gather such evidence. If anything, this made me more angry and determined to stop the offences. With the eventual support of one local Councillor, I set about gathering sufficient evidence for Lambeth Council to prosecute the offender. This I did totally alone and at my own expense. I supplied Lambeth with concrete evidence, a prosecution was brought and the culprit has now been brought to Court, found guilty and fined. If Lambeth Council had acted in a more pro-active manner and given me some practical help, the problem could have been solved much faster and they could have saved themselves, and the tax-payer, a fortune by not having to clear up the mess each week for over two years. It is known where the worst areas are. Lambeth has a fleet of vehicles fitted with camera equipment to monitor Parking offences. They have advertised the fact that TFL has given them a budget to spend on improvements to our street. All they have to do is use that money to put a CCTV vehicle on the streets to gather the evidence of flytipping they need in order to prosecute. Lambeth have no difficulty whatsoever in catching offending motorists so it should be possible for them to apply the same zeal to catching fly tippers. The most effective deterent to crime is the fear of being caught. Fly tippers think they can do it and get away with it. I know one offender who was of that opinion and who is now having to pay a fine of £5,110.00. Wake up Lambeth, throw away the Management Manual and co-operate with the local people.