Saturday, 23 November 2013

South London Islamic Centre planning application 'likely to be refused'

Correspondence from the planning officer responsible for making the decision on the development of the mosque, the South London Islamic Centre at 8 Mitcham Lane, suggests that the application will be refused.

In an email to local residents he states:

"At this time there are numerous issues identified with the application which mean that the application is currently minded for refusal. A previous scheme was withdrawn on the advice of officers due to serious concerns mainly relating to the scale and design of the building and the potential for the development to result in significant harm to the current levels of parking stress in the surrounding streets. The current application is largely the same as this previous scheme and the fundamental concerns previously identified still exist. I have briefly outlined these issues below.

"The applicant has failed to provide sufficient justification for the principle of the demolition of the existing building which has been identified to be a positive contributor to the character and appearance of the conservation area. The applicant has also failed to provide an up to date parking survey/modal split/trip generation analysis to allow for a full and comprehensive assessment of the likely transport and parking impacts of the development. The scale and design of the proposed building still also provides serious concern however Conservation officers have not been able to carry out a full assessment of the proposals due to the poor quality of the drawings currently submitted.

"As well as the fundamental concerns outlined above there are also potential issues surrounding the residential element of the development in terms of noise transmission and quality of the accommodation along with the narrow width of the footway adjacent to the main entrance creating hazardous highway conditions at times when the congregation is exiting the building through potential overspill.

"For the reasons outlined above, the application is minded for refusal and I do not envisage any scenario where minor tweaking or amendments to the development could address these concerns."

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  1. This is rearing its head again as the Mosque is reapplying for planning permission again. I thought once you had been denied permission a certain number of times you couldn't continue to reapply every year? Anyway there's a meeting on Thursday at 7pm.....
    "Further to my brief mentioning of this meeting few weeks ago, I'll be grateful if you kindly publicise on your network that South London Islamic Centre is holding a public meeting at its venue on April 30th 2015 at 7pm in order to present the revised rebuilding plan to general public of Streatham including the Faith Community of South London.

    This new scheme has been agreed with the Lambeth Planning Department and their representative will be present to monitor public reaction of this revised scheme. Your support in dissemination of this information to all Membership of Faith Community will be much appreciated. This is an open invitation to all and sundry and your presence on this occasion in my opinion is vital for us. Refreshments will be served. "