Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Leak on Fernwood Avenue

There has been a significant water leak from the pavement on Fernwood Avenue for at least six weeks, which Thames Water have failed to repair. We reported it via the #tweetaleak hashtag on twitter on 24th July and again on 2nd August when the leak had become much worse.

We have subsequently been contacted by local residents who have also asked Thames Water to fix it several times. Thames Water say they aim to repair leaks within 15 working days. They have clearly failed in this, but also failed even to update local people and let them know what is going on.

Local residents have been particularly poorly served by Thames Water recently, having been left without water on several occasions over the last year. The water main around the corner from Fernwood Avenue, on Mitcham Lane, has also had to be repaired on several occasions.

We are now pursuing it directly with Thames Water as a priority, and will be raising it with Consumer Council for Water, the body to which Thames Water is accountable. It appears that the job was closed down by Thames Water in error. The job has now been reopened, and they have promised us that an inspection will be made this morning. We have asked for an update following this morning's inspection.

[Update: 16/9/13 We have been told that Thames Water will begin the repair today]

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