Sunday, 6 January 2013

Getting the pavement fixed on Tooting Bec Gardens

Before Christmas a number of local people asked if we could do something about the pavement at the top end of Tooting Bec Gardens, particularly opposite St Leonard's church and outside the Church of the English Martyrs.

The paving stones there have cracked up to such an extent that they are sticking up out of the pavement and people are tripping over them. Some also sink several inches into the ground when you tread on them. TfL have longer-term plans to repair the pavement on Tooting Bec Gardens, but the area in question needs sorting out urgently as it is dangerous for pedestrians and getting steadily worse every week.

We therefore got in touch with Transport for London via Green London Assembly member Darren Johnson (as this is Red Route the local council/ councillors are not responsible) and a site visit was made. Given the urgency of the situation TfL promised that they would make the necessary repairs by 31st December. However this has not happened and so we are chasing up once again.

[Update 10/01/13. Two sections of paving stones have now been replaced:

(For other work we have done to sort out Tooting Bec Gardens see here)

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