Sunday, 16 September 2012

Collection for food bank at Sainsbury's Streatham Common - Saturday 22nd September

Norwood food bank is doing a food collection this Saturday 22nd September between 9am until 6pm at Sainsbury's Streatham common.

For those unfamiliar with foodbanks the Trussell Trust's UK foodbank network works in partnership with local churches and communities to open foodbanks nationwide. There are over 100 foodbanks in the UK. Last year UK foodbanks fed over 60,000 people.

You might have seen the Norwood Foodbank at the Lambeth Country Show this weekend. It is currently feeding over 100 people a week giving out 500kg of food, but urgently needs more stock.

The foodbank gets its food in a number of ways. It hosts coffee mornings, runs 'bring-a-can-to-work' events, and asks local schools to have collections..

But one of the main ways it gets food is by encouraging shoppers on a certain day, at a local supermarket, to buy an extra item and donate it. It is doing this next Saturday at Sainsbury's in Streatham, but needs more volunteers to help collect the food.

If you might be able to help do email norwoodfoodbank (at)

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