Friday, 20 July 2012

How long are you likely to live in Streatham?

The Guardian website today has an interesting tube map showing life expectancy across the capital, illustrating well the link between areas of deprivation and life expectancy.

As Streatham isn't on the tube (which in itself speaks volumes) I thought it would be fun to dig up the stats on life expectancy in each of Streatham's four wards.

This is what I found courtesy of the latest data here.

Life expectancy by ward:

Streatham Hill

Male: 76.5
Female: 80.3
Average: 78.4

St Leonards

Male: 75.6
Female: 81.4
Average: 78.5

Streatham Wells

Male 75.2
Female 77.8
Average: 76.5

Streatham South

Male: 80.1
Female: 83.3
Average: 81.7

This gives an overall average for Streatham of 78.8

According to the Guardian life expectancy tube map the average life expectancy around the nearest stations are Brixton at 78, Tooting Bec at 79 and Balham at 80.

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