Saturday, 2 June 2012

What Streatham High Road could be like

As a contribution to the supporting Streatham High Road campaign, local Green Leon Maurice-Jones has come up with some visual images to inspire discussion and debate about the kind of thing that might be possible.

We already covered some of the ideas in detail here. They include dropping the speed limit to 20mph (which has worked well in other boroughs) to cut collisions, improve traffic flow, and decrease noise and air pollution, dedicated dutch-style cycle lanes, and giving priority to pedestrians. They also include a greater use of greenery, such as green pillars, planters etc... as well as sculpture commissioned by local artists.

We have a real chance to do something significant with the new money awarded for the High Road from the Outer London Fund, and the new Tesco Hub development.

Here are the images showing the kind of thing that might be done:

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