Wednesday, 9 January 2013

When will the missing trees be replaced on Streatham High Road?

We have asked Transport for London if they intend to replace the five trees which were destroyed in a road traffic collision over the Christmas period, and if so, when they will do so.

At present there is a large gap in the central reservation where the trees used to be.

We are continuing to push for more greenery on Streatham High Road generally, after this was identified as one of the top priorities by local people in a survey a couple of years ago. We also have a long-term campaign to get the speed limit reduced on the High Road to 20mph, which will help ease congestion and improve the flow of traffic, as well as cutting pollution levels. You can see the scale of reported collisions on Streatham High Road in recent years, here.

We will post an update here when we get any information about when the trees may be replaced.

[Update: 14/01/13 We have been told by TfL that they will replace to trees "as soon as possible" but they do not have a date yet. They will let us know when a date has been set, and we'll then post the date here]

[Update 14/3/13 TfL now say that the planting season has been missed and so they wont be replaced until towards the end of this year.  This is what they told us;

"We appreciate the value that the public places on the trees in Streatham High Road and we fully intend to replace them as soon as possible. The trees pits would only have been filled in to eliminate any tripping hazard.

"We do however have a limited planting season for trees, as we must ensure that they have the best chance of survival when planted. Unfortunately the next available opportunity to replace these trees will only be towards the end of this year in the next planting season; and this will also allow us the opportunity to assess the trees currently in place before providing replacements."]

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