Thursday, 2 May 2013

Please sign the petition to stop elderly residents being pushed out of The Glebe sheltered housing

Please take a few seconds to sign this petition to stop elderly residents being removed from their homes in The Glebe at the top of Prentis Road.

The residents – many in their Eighties and Nineties – contacted us last week and asked us if we would help support their campaign to stay where they live. We went to visit them and heard about was is going on.

Lambeth Council is proposing to evict them in order to knock The Glebe down and redevelop it as ‘Extra Care’ housing. This is part of a Lambeth wide scheme in which housing for older persons will be sold off.

This is something to which the residents of The Glebe are unanimously opposed. Under the Council’s proposals the 60 residents - some of whom are terminally ill - would be split up and placed in accommodation outside Streatham. Many have lived in The Glebe for over a decade.

Residents have told us how happy they are with their homes and the facilities there. Many have invested their own time and money. They love where they live. Above all they value these sense of community, where they look after and support one other. Under the Council’s plans this would all be taken away and they will be dispersed to other parts of the borough.

They also pointed out that moving them to alternative accommodation at their stage in life, particularly given many of their health concerns, would also have very serious consequences.

They asked up to start an online petition, which we have done, and help get public support so that they can stay where they are. There is a public consultation going on so there is a real chance to stop this happening. Please take just a few seconds to sign the petition online to show Lambeth Council that the local community supports their desire to stay in their own homes.

The petition can be found here.

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