Sunday, 28 April 2013

Yet another collision at St Leonard's Junction overnight

There was yet another traffic collision overnight at the St Leonard's Junction (the junction of Streatham High Road, Mitcham Lane and Tooting Bec Gardens).

Apparently it involved a Hyundai, which must have been going quite fast to completely take out the traffic light on Streatham High Road between the Time2Move Estate Agent and the Manna Christian Bookshop.

This is a crossing which residents have repeatedly raised is dangerous, and just north of the location of one fatality. It is also about 20 yards from the location where a bus became "beached" earlier this month.

TfL promised a safety review of this junction last year. It was due to happen in April, but we got it brought forward after several collisions over Christmas. It was also recently resurfaced, and the box junction moved. We are still waiting for the results.

There are a number of ideas that could be pursued to improve the junction significantly if TfL is prepared to think creatively.

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