Sunday, 3 February 2013

Junction of Mitcham Lane/ Streatham High Road to be resurfaced

Some good news. You may have seen the notices appear around the junction of Streatham High Road/ Mitcham Lane and Tooting Bec Gardens about works that are about to start. The junction is finally to be resurfaced.

We have been contacted by local residents on both Gleneldon Road and Streatham High Road, saying that their houses and flats shake when buses go past because of all the potholes. The crossing from St Leonard's Church to the other side of Streatham High Road is cracking up to the point it has become a hazard to walk on.

The resurfacing of the whole area should start soon.

We have been sent the following map by TfL (Via Green Party London Assembly Member Darren Johnson's office) which shows the area which will be resurfaced:

As you can see it will cover the two pedestrian crossings on Tooting Bec Gardens and the entrance to the Church of the English Martyr's on Mitcham Lane, and along Streatham High Road in both directions to cover both crossings.

However, as things stand, it won't extend down as far as the "dip" on Streatham High Road. There is a particularly bad area around the bus stop as you go down the hill, so we are asking if TfL will extend the resurfacing a little.

We are still waiting to hear the results of the safety review at this junction as well as plans to sort out the congestion.

[Update: 12/02/2013 We have now had a response from our request to TfL to resurface the area towards the "dip" on Streatham High Road, covering the bus stop. TfL have agreed to do this ]

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