Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Update on Asbestos dumped in Gleneldon Mews

The Streatham Guardian has now run a story on the asbestos which has been dumped in Gleneldon Mews, following our blog last week.

As a quick recap, Ali at Ali’s cars who works opposite the dumped pile of asbestos in Gleneldon Mews, got in touch with us about it last week. He told us that he reported it to the council 4 months ago. He also told St Leonard’s Ward councillors, one of whom came down to see it. I spoke to several other people in the mews who said they had also been trying to get it moved. Four months later however, the pile is still there.

We contacted the council immediately. The council says it has no record of the report, but said they would remove it by yesterday. It is still there this morning, so we are chasing again and will continue to do so.

According to the health and Safety Executive, when dumped asbestos is found, the area around it should be cordoned off, and people cleared away, before it is removed.

[Update: Friday 19th October - Ali has been in touch to say that the asbestos was moved this afternoon]

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