Wednesday, 27 February 2019

More Heathrow flight paths planned over Streatham - consultation deadline 4 March

Streatham: 47 flights per hour at less than 4,000ft
Aircraft noise over Streatham is set to increase significantly under plans for Heathrow Airport expansion. 

Currently less than 1 in 20 of Heathrow's aircraft movements affects Streatham - but this is set to increase to 1 in 12, with nearly 50 flights an hour flying over us at 3,000-4,000ft.

Here are suggested responses to the online Heathrow Consultation, which is very complicated with lots of supporting documentation. Hopefully, this will make it easier for Streatham's views to be heard.

The suggested responses prioritise a much greater commitment to overall noise reduction (quieter plans are more fuel efficient) and protection of Streatham residents from increases in noise levels.

The Green Party is against Heathrow expansion in any form, as the number of flights has to reduce significantly to meet goals of carbon reduction and pollution alleviation. We would hope we can help Streatham residents make sure their voices are heard before these changes at Heathrow go ahead.

The deadline for responding is 23:55 on 4th March 2019

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