Thursday, 12 November 2015

St Leonard's Junction - have your say

Aftermath of tragedy at St Leonard's Junction
TfL's proposals for a new pedestrian crossing at St Leonard's junction will be open to public scrutiny at a one-day workshop to be held at Streatham Library on November 21.

The junction - where Streatham High Road meets Tooting Bec Gardens and Mitcham Lane outside St Leonard's Church - is notoriously dangerous for pedestrians, with currently no safe crossing place as it enters "the dip" down towards Streatham station.

After concerted campaigning by the Green Party and others, Transport for London's proposal is to put a new pedestrian crossing a little way down "the dip" near Streatham Green. At the workshop, which will be open from 11am to 4pm on Saturday November 21, various options for this crossing will be presented - and local people's views sought.

When senior TfL managers toured Streatham in September they ruled out an option of phasing crossing times to allow simultaneous Green Man crossing periods across the whole junction - something pedestrians say creates the greatest feeling of safety.

See BBC news report on St Leonard's Junction.

See also for the history at this junction:



  1. Do you know why they decided against simultaneous green man across the whole junction? That seems the easiest solution?
    Even if they did put a crossing down by the green, it will be too out of the way for people to use, and they will still chance it at the main junction (I imagine I'll be one of them). Also, another crossing in such a short stretch of road can't be good for traffic flow?

  2. I agree. A lot of effort for little benefit. The actual junction won't have changed!

    How about switching to a system of mini roundabouts instead of current lights and islands at the junction. Install roundabout(s) with pedestrian-controlled lights -- but they can't go red for another 2mins (or whatever) after they have been used. When someone wants to cross, all traffic stops. When traffic flows, it obeys usual roundabout etiquette, and that way it will surely flow so much better as a general rule. Has that ever been studied by experts?

    1. I think the idea of a roundabout or roundabouts have been floated in general terms. It's a great idea. I understand that TfL have said that there would not be enough room for buses to turn on them, but I am not sure if any study has actually been undertaken.

  3. Surely a mini roundabout(s) means even busses can easy dance on top of it/them!