Thursday, 22 November 2012

TfL announce safety study of junction at Mitcham Lane/ Streatham High Road/ Tooting Bec Gardens

A number of local people have told us they are concerned about safety at the junction of Mitcham Lane/ Tooting Bec Gardens/ Streatham High Road.

This was the scene of a nasty collision a couple of weeks ago.

There has also been one pedestrian death there in recent years (just to the south of the junction on Streatham High Road).

Of particular concern is the crossing at the South of the junction which runs between the Manna Christian Bookshop and the Time2Move estate agents. This has no Red Man/ Green Man crossing indicator. Neither does the traffic seem to stop at any point for pedestrians, due to the way the lights at the junction are phased.

Transport for London has responsibility for the junction, as it is a Red Route.

The good news is that we have just been told that this junction has been put forward for a traffic and safety study so TfL can "understand the issues on this stretch of the network".

TfL will also undertake analysis of collision data here for the 36 months preceding the study and create a recommendation as to what scheme, if any, is appropriate at this junction.

However the bad news is that this will not be carried out until April 2013. In an email to me they said:

"TfL takes the concern of the public very seriously and it is regrettable that this study cannot be undertaken sooner, however at present there are issues on the network which require immediate attention and this is the earliest date at which this study can be undertaken."

I have asked how local people can input into this study/ review, and will post an update here when I get a response.

[Update 28/11/12. An email from TfL has been received with the following information:

"...we are due to undertake a study at the junction in question in April 2013, and from this we will assess the need for a scheme at this location. Should it be felt that there is a need for an improvement programme, a brief will be put forward to senior management who must approve the principles of the scheme before progressing onto the design phase.

"TfL believe that it is important to listen to the views, ideas and experiences of local residents and would be prepared to consult with yourself and others via the appropriate and necessary channels once a decision is made as to whether or not to progress with a scheme here, this will be decided in the months following the study.

"We would be happy to discuss with you over the phone at a later date or arrange a meeting with yourself and other local residents."

If you want to be involved in this please get in touch with me: jonathan.bartley (at) ]

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